Good News Tuesday 3/22

Sloth hanging upside down from a tree

The world feels particularly dark and gloomy lately, so we've decided to start our newest & brightest newsletter - Good News Tuesday. Every week we'll gather the best and most uplifting news & send it your way. We hope you enjoy this little break from the heavy news cycle ❤️


Methane-Eating Bacteria Convert Greenhouse Gas to Fuel

Methane is one of the biggest contributors to climate change - see how scientists are using it to their advantage. Read here.


These 50 Meter-High (164 ft) Rope Bridges are Helping Sloths in Costa Rica Survive Deforestation

These rope bridges are said to be a win-win for human-sloth coexistence. Read here.


ICYMI: Press 2 for Words of Encouragement

Feeling heavy lately? Call this hotline for a pep talk from an unlikely source - kindergarteners at a California elementary school. Read more.


Skincare Tip of the Week

Try not to stress so much! Read our blog for more info on how intensely stress can affect your skin. 


TikTok of the Week

Who knew Nicolas Cage loves shortbread so much? 


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