Good News Tuesday 3/29


The world feels particularly dark and gloomy lately, so we've decided to start our newest & brightest newsletter - Good News Tuesday. Every week we'll gather the best and most uplifting news & send it your way. We hope you enjoy this little break from the heavy news cycle ❤️


School Picture Day on St. Patrick's Day: What Could Go Wrong? Apparently, the Photos

Green screen + green shirts = some great photos. Read more.


Caribou Herd Rebounds as Indigenous Stewards Lead Conservation Efforts

These caribou were rescued from the brink of extinction. Read more.


Skincare Tip of the Week

When applying perfume, dab it onto damp skin (or a bit of Vaseline) to make it last longer! Read other tips.


TikTok of the Week

Bees? Chill. Wasps? Immediately no.


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