Good News Tuesday 4/12

The world feels particularly dark and gloomy lately, so we've decided to start our newest & brightest email newsletter - Good News Tuesday. Every week we'll gather the best and most uplifting news & send it your way. We hope you enjoy this little break from the heavy news cycle ❤️

Blue prom wedding dresses

Free Prom Dresses for Hundreds in New Hampshire

This small dress shop makes sure everyone can feel like a princess 🥺 Read more here!


Toddler selling lemonade at lemonade stand

Boise Boy Raises Almost $2,000 for Idaho Humane Society

He sells lemonade, lavender lemonade, and dog treats. How cute is that?! Read about it here.


Women laughing putting on skincare together 

Skincare Tip of the Week

Sleeping on regularly cleaned silk pillowcases will help reduce hair breakage AND can help prevent signs of aging in your skin. Read more tips here.


A dog snarling

TikTok of the Week

How can you be cranky when you're this handsome?


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