Good News Tuesday 5/10

Bestie, the real-world news is a real frickin bummer right now. Like always, we hope this Good News Tuesday can offer your brain a much-needed respite.

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A little penguin looking into the distance 5,000 Little Penguins Set Record in 'Really Unique' Event

They only weigh about 3 lbs but they’re coming back in record numbers 🥺 Read more


One Cleanser to Rule Them All

Introducing the only cleanser you’ll ever need. This amazing formula removes makeup (even waterproof!), hydrates & smoothes skin, AND balances your skin’s oil production levels. Perfect for all skin types, and did we mention that all preorders come with a FREE bottle of Retinol Gummies? Don’t miss out! Check it out now!


Skincare Tip of the Week

Did you know you can overwash your skin? It's true bb, sometimes less really is more. Try our newest quiz to see if you could cut back on your routine. Quiz me!

TikTok of the Week

Next on the to-do list? Frolicking. Watch it


We hope you liked this little break from the heavy news cycle! Have an idea for a feature? Send it to & it could be featured in a future Good News Tuesday!