How the S.O.S. Gummy Started

The S.O.S. Gummy has been a year-long project in the making, that arose from desperation and a true need, as much as anything else. 

My VP and close friend, Alexis Starling, has suffered from severe eczema on her hands for more than 5 years. Last summer she was experiencing heavy breakouts that made it hard for her to type or even hold a pen. It was clearly painful for her and I hated seeing her struggle! Alexis had tried it all from medicated corticosteroids to over the counter lotions, even brands targeting her on social media that claimed to help eczema - it was either battling a long list of side effects or products that just did not work.

Together Alexis and I  started researching holistic methods for controlling eczema. There were a lot of suggestions about diet, like cutting out dairy or gluten - but to be honest, like most of us, she loves cheese and bread. We then turned to supplements. We started finding a number of small-scale studies that looked at the impact of vitamin D on eczema symptoms which sounded promising, so we kept digging.

We then came across a series of anecdotal reports and small-scale studies about MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) having a positive effect on eczema symptoms. Then zinc. Then B vitamins.

With this, we started experimenting using ourselves as guinea pigs. We created a daily supplement regimen of vitamin D3, MSM, zinc, evening primrose oil, and B vitamins and were committed to taking it daily. Within two months, we saw serious results. Alexis’ eczema became less frequent and less painful, and my dry skin became less itchy and taut. 

We brought our personal experiences to our manufacturing partner who worked with us to develop the formula for our S.O.S. Gummy.

We know this gummy isn’t the cure for eczema, but we know firsthand how painful, stressful and frustrating eczema can be so we hope this gummy will be a stepping stone to help mitigate some of the pain. By helping reduce inflammation, repair skin barriers, and tone down the itch, we hope our expansive line of ingestible beauty supplements continue to make an impact for our customers. 


- Jenn, CEO & Founder @ embody