Ingestible skin care - is it legit?

What is ingestible skincare?

While topical skin care products are usually in the forms of creams that you apply to the face or problem area, ingestible skincare products are vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other organic compounds that are safe for human consumption and impact the appearance of skin. 

Are ingestible skincare products safe to use? 

Generally yes, but not all supplements are created equal. The FDA requires that ingestible skincare products meet certain safety standards, but it helps to be an educated consumer. The NIH website has great resources for supplement safety and when in doubt, ask the brand for their COA (Certificate of Analysis) to prove that their products contain what they claim.

Can you really improve your skin from eating something? 

People tend to be skeptical about edible skincare products, but don't many people eat certain foods to improve their skin? You can think of ingestible skincare products in the same way. 

In fact, clinical trials that ran tests on ingestible skincare products and the results showed that the participants saw an increase in brightness of complexion and decrease in blemishes on the face!

How do topical products and ingestible ones compare in terms of results?

When talking about efficacy of the two options, consider the absorption levels of the ingredients. 

If you were to apply a cream to your face, you're likely to see more targeted results in the area you applied the cream. 

On the other hand, uneven application can lead to inconsistent results across the whole face when you are not doing spot treatments.

In addition, rubbing a cream into your face has less potential for absorption compared to eating it, where the ingestible skincare products are absorbed throughout the body. 

The verdict being, if you're looking to have results on a larger area, ingestible skincare products have a better chance too make change throughout the body. Here at embody, we believe that skincare starts from within. Want to improve skin health and have glowing, smoothed skin? Our embody babes love our world's first retinol gummy. Give it a try!

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