Pandemic Problems: Mask Acne Edition

It’s month 5 into this whole pandemic sitch so let's take a moment and talk about mask acne. Real talk only -- am I the only one experiencing acne all along the area where your mask is?! This may be TMI but I sneezed in my mask the other day (you know you've done it) and it was the only mask I had with me so I had to wear it while I ran errands during the day. 

The next morning I woke up with acne all along my chin and cheeks. I knew it had to be the sneeze. Yuck. All those germs I sneezed out stayed in my mask and rubbed against my skin and welp now I have acne. Am I alone here? If you’ve experienced something similar, you might be wondering: What are some ways we can prevent this from happening? And what are some products that could help tone these raging pimples down?

Acne usually develops when you have clogged pores from makeup, dust or bacteria. But when you are wearing a mask every day (especially our amazing frontline workers who have them on for hours on end),  there might be more behind it. 

The mask may be interfering with the skin’s shedding process which doesn’t allow it to breathe well. Also, wearing a mask can create a humid environment that promotes bacterial growth. 

While there isn’t a surefire way to get rid of mask acne, the treatment for it is similar to most skin problems having a skincare routine catered to your skin type and making sure to gently wash and exfoliate it daily. Although spot treatment can help with mild forms of acne, it is recommended that you speak with your dermatologist if you are dealing with severe acne to work with some prescription products. 

The best way to prevent mask acne is to find a mask that helps your skin breathe, like the cotton mask sold here or a silk mask like this one. It is also recommended that you keep your mask clean by washing it after each use and changing the filter as often as possible. Last but not least, keeping makeup on your skin to a minimum is a great way to let the skin rest, reset and breathe. Hey, don’t be shy flawless skin is in this year.