We’re here to change skin care.

So many people take their first step on their skin care journey and it goes on for a lifetime.

It starts with one bottle and then as we go through different life stages, we need different things. One bottle becomes hundreds of empties (and fulls) that get tossed out in frustration.

But what if we told you that it actually starts and ends with whats inside? The human body is a beautiful thing and your face reflects it all.  We’ve put years of R&D and testing to  create a skin care line that doesn’t have one single serum or one moisturizer.  

This is our skin care line that does great things and tastes damn good.

Jenn, founder of Embody

When I hit my mid-twenties, I realized that my body was changing in a way that a $60 cream couldn’t fix. I’m a grown woman who wants to take control of her life, but my tedious skincare routine was just not cooperating with me anymore. I was always told that porcelain skin was within reach if I just incorporated such-and-such product into my 10 Step Routine. But guess what? It wasn’t within reach.

At some point it hit me that the problem, literally, went deeper than what I was seeing in the mirror. The perfect skin I wanted was mostly thanks to genetics, thousands of dollars in facials, and Instagram filters. So, not going to happen for me. But what I could do was take care of the skin I was born with, and that’s where my journey with ingestible skincare started.

I’ve been there, done that and was ready to tackle things from the root and press reset. I hope our products help you do the same!

Alexis, Director of Operations

Hey everyone I’m Alexis, Director of Operations here at embody! I’m a skincare enthusiast with ultra-sensitive skin. My inability to use most bestselling products without breaking out and turning beet red is what turned me on to ingestible skincare.

When I teamed up with Jenn to bring embody to life, my goal was to create a safe, sensitive-skin-friendly product that eliminated the need to play Russian roulette with your skincare routine. One product, many benefits, no sensitization. Got questions about our formula or how to treat your sensitive skin? I’m your girl. Shoot me an email at alexis@thisisembody.com and we’ll chat!


Backed by Khanh Nguyen, FNP-C MSN

Khanh Nguyen is a registered nurse practitioner and the owner of several beauty spas. He has helped the embody team create the retinol gummy and was a part of ensuring the safety and efficacy of the product.

He is a strong believer that skin care truly does start with a healthy diet.  The retinol gummy is an innovative and tasty way to get what your skin needs.