About Us

We’re here to change skin care.

So many people take their first step on their skin care journey and it goes on for a lifetime.

It starts with one bottle and then as we go through different life stages, we need different things. One bottle becomes hundreds of empties (and fulls) that get tossed out in frustration.

But what if we told you that it actually starts and ends with whats inside? The human body is a beautiful thing and your face reflects it all.  We’ve put years of R&D and testing to create a skin care line that doesn’t have one single serum or one moisturizer.  

This is our skin care line that does great things and tastes damn good. 

This is our team that works hard and plays harder.

Jenn, founder of Embody

Name: Jenn Chung

What you do: CEO & Founder

Top skin concern: Post-Acne Scarring and Aging

Guilty pleasure: Desserts and lots of it.

Life mantra: Life is short, choose to be a badass.

Email me if: You have questions about our brand or want to know how I said good-bye to acne!

Alexis, Director of Operations

Name: Alexis Starling

What you do: Director of Operations

Top skin concern: Sensitivity

Guilty pleasure: Hitting the snooze button…

Life mantra: “I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do.” - Michael Scott

Email me if: You have questions about our formula or how to treat your sensitive skin! I’ve got you.

Backed by Khanh Nguyen, FNP-C MSN

Meet Khanh, our medical expert extraordinaire!

Khanh is a certified family nurse practitioner, laser & injectables specialist at La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre, and owner of XO Med Spa.

Khanh works with the embody team to ensure that every product we create is safe, effective, and chock-full of skin loving goodness! He’s a big believer that great skin starts with complete nutrition, and embody’s yummy supplements are an easy way to get your body what it needs to look (and feel) its best.