We believe as members of a global community that we have a responsibility to contribute to good in the world. Our community initiatives are based on our core philosophy…

Celebrate all Women

Nurture Community

No B.S.

Our Community

Downtown Women's Center

The Downtown Women’s Center (DWC) envisions a Los Angeles with every woman housed and on a path to personal stability. Its mission is to end homelessness for women in greater Los Angeles through housing, wellness, employment, and advocacy.

Through Dec 31, 2021, Embody has pledged to donate 1% of sales towards supporting DWC’s important work in the Los Angeles area.


+Purpose brings socially-conscious, sustainable investing right to your checkout page. When you check out on our website, you’ll receive back a percentage of your purchase to invest on our behalf into a high-impact cause. As your investment is repaid, you’ll receive dollars back to spend with +Purpose enabled brands like ours. 

Embody is among the first brands to partner with +Purpose to make real change in partnership with you, our community. Feature enabled in Fall 2021.

Bottle Back Program

Through our Bottle Back Program, embody is working to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging by helping to reduce the amount of plastic sent to landfills. We’ll send you a prepaid label to return 9 or more empty embody bottles to us and we’ll recycle those bottles on your behalf. Plus, you’ll receive a $20 gift card as thanks for your contribution.