We’re here to change skincare.

So many people take their first step on their skin care journey and it goes on for a lifetime. It starts with one bottle and then as we go through different life stages, we need different things, more of this, less of that, extra of this, none of that.  One bottle becomes hundreds of empties and fills that get tossed out in frustration.

But what if we told you that it actually just starts and ends with what's inside? The human body is a beautiful thing and your face reflects it all.  We’ve put hundreds of hours into R&D and testing to  create a skin care line that nourishes from the inside out.  

Our Philosophy

Celebrating All Women

We’re here to liberate women from what holds them back from being the best version of themselves

Nurturing Community

Have open conversations about being a woman in a loving and supportive environment


Create innovative, simple, and effective products that support healthy skin at every level

Meet the OG Embody Babes       💖
Founder & CEO

Jenn Chung

I learned the extra hard way that skin care is more than what you apply topically. After experiencing terrible acne throughout my entire teenage and early adult life, I was left physically and emotionally scarred (don’t worry, my therapist is aware of this.) I tried countless products and procedures in the hopes that it’ll help me achieve filtered, glowing skin because I was raised to believe that’s what being beautiful meant.

Well, f*ck what society says because I’m here to prove perfect skin doesn’t exist. Skin care should be effortless and enjoyable. I’ve discovered that it could also be tasty AF.

I’m excited to be a part of your skin care journey, let’s be BFFs.


Alexis Starling

Hello, I’m itchy. Nice to meet you. I hit a skin care dead end after developing adult eczema. (Shout out to college stress!) I needed more and more products to soothe my damaged skin, but my ultra-sensitivity caused reactions 9/10 times when I tried a new product. Going to Sephora was like playing a game of Russian roulette...with my face. 

When my work wife, the great Jenn Chung, introduced me to ingestible beauty I knew it would be a game changer for people like me with very *angry* skin. Excited by this new approach to skin care, I joined Jenn’s team with the mission to make skin care from within a part of everyone’s routine.

Bye bye angry, sensitive skin. Hello glow 💖