Have you ever looked at your bathroom counter and thought "Why do I have so many products?"

We did.

It's hard not to accumulate products when you work for a skincare company. At least, that's what we told ourselves. But when 2020 rolled around, we decided to try something new–"skinimalism."

We focused on getting the right nutrients for our skin instead of adding layers of creams, serums, and essences. And, wouldn't you know it, our skin looked and felt better than ever.

And so, we set out to create an edible skincare brand that could give everyone the same freedom from the 10-step skincare routine that we found.

Business Besties

It all started with a post on Indeed.

Jenn had just stepped up in her family's cult fave skincare business. Alexis was a new college grad with plenty of debt and not so much experience.

The first time they met, they knew they had something special. They took a chance on each other and began working out of Jenn's spare bedroom.

Fast forward to 2019–Jenn was ready for a change, and Alexis was ready to follow wherever she went. They sat down to discuss what the next business idea would be. They knew they wanted to create edible skincare and that's when it hit Jenn like a ton of bricks.

"Retinol! What if you could eat retinol?"

And that's how embody was born.

Jenn - The Dreamer

As a Vietnamese immigrant raised by a strong and independent single mother, I was instilled with a deep appreciation for my roots and cultural heritage from an early age. In Vietnamese culture, holistic medicine and nutrition are deeply intertwined with skincare, and I was raised with the belief that good skin comes from a healthy mind and body.

Seeing the constant stress and pressure that my millennial peers face, as well as the unrealistic beauty standards promoted on social media, I knew I wanted to share my knowledge of holistic wellness and nutrition to help others achieve their best skin and overall health.

That's why I founded Embody, a line of products that not only work wonders for the skin, but are also fun, tasty, and easy to incorporate into everyday life.

Beauty doesn't have to be intimidating. We're on this skincare journey together!


Jenn is the Chief Executive Officer at embody.

You may have seen her on our socials, have gotten a lovely note from her, or found her partnering with other bad*ss ladies to support Asian American entrepreneurs.

Alexis - The Doer

I am very, very itchy.

I always had sensitive skin, but in college I developed adult eczema and allergies to common skincare ingredients. Trying a new product was a game of Russian roulette–will this one work or will I break out in itchy bumps?

I'll be honest, I didn't believe in supplements. That is, until I started developing (and using) the Retinol Gummy. I saw the positive changes in my skin–glow, even tone, less itch–and became an edible skincare believer.

Sensitive girlies rejoice, we can finally be a part of the skincare game!


Alexis is the Chief Operating Officer at embody.

Most days you can find her juggling a new batch of samples, designing graphics, and making sure your orders get safely to you.

As a Bonus

  • Woman Owned

  • Immigrant Owned

  • Made in USA

  • Skincare for Everyone