It Girl Turned F***-It Girl

Hi! I'm Jenn 👋

Being the daughter of immigrant and workaholic parents, I was taught from a young age that "productivity" was the only path to becoming the best version of myself. I had every minute of every day packed with meetings, exercise, meditation, socializing, eating healthy, and of course, my beauty routine.

It was only when the pandemic forced me to slow down (aka be "lazy") that I realized that all this productivity wasn't actually benefitting me emotionally, physically, or relationally.

At embody, we want to give ourselves permission to be lazy. We want to say “no” to unnecessary busyness and "yes" to things that bring us joy.

And the same goes for our skin care. We want to simplify skincare routines with effective, multifunctional products that address skin from the inside out.

So go ahead, be lazy. We're right there with you.

Jenn @ embody