delicious skincare

Jenn's Story

As a Vietnamese immigrant raised by a strong and independent single mother, I was instilled with a deep appreciation for my roots and cultural heritage from an early age. In Vietnamese culture, holistic medicine and nutrition are deeply intertwined with skincare, and I was raised with the belief that good skin comes from a healthy mind and body.

Seeing the constant stress and pressure that my millennial peers face, as well as the unrealistic beauty standards promoted on social media, I knew I wanted to share my knowledge of holistic wellness and nutrition to help others achieve their best skin and overall health.

That's why I founded Embody, a line of products that not only work wonders for the skin, but are also fun, tasty, and easy to incorporate into everyday life.

Beauty doesn't have to be intimidating. We're on this skincare journey together!

The Bonus Deets

  • Woman Owned

  • Immigrant Owned

  • Made in USA

  • Skincare for Everyone