Good for Your Skin Now Does Even More!

Gummies with text in the center saying, "embody + purpose"

Here at embody, giving back is integral to our mission and our purpose. And now, there are even more ways to do good!

Embody is thrilled to announce our partnership with +Purpose - this exciting collaboration means that every purchase from embody actively funds the world’s highest-impact organizations. 

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How does it work?

  1. Simply buy your favorite gummies and we'll give you 10% of your purchase to invest into your favorite cause. 
  2. The best kind of good to do is the kind you care about most! Pick from one of our pre-selected causes or choose from our curated list of the world's highest-impact organizations for you to invest (not donate!) those dollars into.
  3. Investments have returns! As the dollars you've invested get repaid, you get them back to spend with embody or with other +Purpose brands you love.


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It’s that simple! Now you can do good in the world just by shopping - who doesn’t love that? Start doing your good by placing an order on today ✨