The 2021 Zodiac Gift Guide

The embody team is a little obsessed with the holidays (did you see the Mariah Carey email we sent out? If not, get on our mailing list boo!) & we’ve already been planning how to decorate our new office for the upcoming season. As someone whose love language is gifts (& is very much a Virgo), I thought I’d combine my three great loves (gifts, astrology, and writing listicles) into one nice blog post. These gifts are *chefs kiss* in my opinion, but let me know what you think in the comments! 


The first sign in the zodiac (and the first fire sign) means these babies are passionate, determined, and can be very tenacious. They make great leaders and often find themselves in positions of power. They probably lead very busy lifestyles but they also might be a bit vain. Get them the ultimate “busy skincare skincare” product & send them some of embody’s Retinol Gummies. They’ll love how easy it is to improve their skin! And the fact that they can take these on the go will make you their new favorite person. 


Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty. As such, these little sweet people loooove all things beautiful and luxurious. They are not ones to deny themselves pleasure! Get the Taurus in your life a lovely silk pillowcase! They’ll love how fancy it is AND the fact that it’ll help their hair. 


Geminis, with their extremely varied interests, can sometimes be a challenge to shop for. For this reason, I suggest gift cards. You’re not going to be able to find the exact version of their latest micro-obsession, but you might know some of their favorite retailers. Save yourself the pain of shopping for a Gemini (sorry, I love you guys), and go with gift cards this year. 


Cancers are known for having all the feels (though I know a few cancers who would like to refute that). This water sign is ruled by the moon and Cancers are known to be empathetic. Cancers have been feeling the weight of the last few years especially bad. Get them this bath fizz set (and maybe a waterproof Bluetooth speaker) to let them self-care it out. 


If you know any Leos, you’ll know they LOVE to be the center of attention. Ruled by the sun, Leos are bright, friendly, and full of life. Get them embody’s Superfruit Glow Gummy to help their skin match their glowy personalities. 


Have you ever stopped to ask a Virgo how their stomach is doing? Well, you don’t need to because I can tell you it’s Not Doing Well. Virgos have the most sensitive stomachs of the Zodiac (probably from all the stress of perfectionism, but that’s for another day), so get them embody’s ACV Gummies


Libras are ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, and as such, they always like looking good. Help them relax as they preen with this super fun DIY mask set. They’ll love how fun it is to put it all together and how good their skin looks. Want to really impress them? Throw in a bottle of embody’s Retinol Gummies for the ultimate glowy skin combo. 


Scorpios are known for being the “goths of the zodiac” because they’re passionate, mysterious, and tend to gravitate towards the color black. They are known to be enthralled by spirituality and the darker sides of life. Impress them this year by combining all their interests with this True Black Tarot deck.


Sag’s are fun, witty, and have the tendency to travel often. Help them find the absolute best (& most fun) travel spots with an Atlas Obscura book or membership to the website. Atlas Obscura’s tagline is “Curious & Wonderful Travel Destinations” and they truly hold up to that claim. I’ve used Atlas Obscura in all my travels over the last couple of years - become your Sag’s hero by turning them onto it!


Oh, Capricorn. These sweet babies put in the work to make any of their goals a reality and are generally regarded as the hardest workers of the zodiac. They have a tendency to overwork themselves, but they barely seem to care because they genuinely love the grind. Get them embody’s S.O.S. Gummy this year - you know the stress of running 40 businesses is doing a number on their skin.


Obsessed with individuality, it can be hard to describe Aquarians. Each is unique and a little different from the next. They love setting themselves apart from the group with their ideas, choices, or fashion sense. That means that anything you get them has to be one of a kind! Or at least so rare that they’ll never see someone else with it. Why not get them a custom set of shoes? Truly no one else will have them and they’ll be able to show off their amazing style. There are several companies that offer custom shoes but we love these Vans and Chacos


Extremely smart, creative, and intuitive, Pisces may seem almost psychic at times. They have an active imagination that blends beautifully with their seemingly neverending supply of creativity. Get them supplies for this DIY screenprinting kit or opt for one of these trippy candles - they’re sure to love both. 

What did you think of these gift ideas? Let us know!

Written by:
dineka ringling,
embody marketing manager