How to Smooth Bumpy Skin Naturally: 4 Home Remedies for Blemishes

with acne taking off medical mask

If you're anything like me, you like your skincare like you like your friends: nontoxic

That said, let’s be real: the skincare market isn’t exactly overflowing with natural remedies for blemishes and dark spots — but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

If a bumpy complexion has been keeping you from living out your #MainCharacterEnergy, there are plenty of natural home remedies for blemishes to smooth skin and resurrect your confidence — courtesy of Mother Nature herself. 🌎

But who’s got time for all that Googling? Neither of us, right?

Lucky for us, I’ve tried them all and compiled a list of my go-to home remedies for blemishes. So without further ado, here are my top tips for how to get rid of blemishes fast, naturally — #LazyBabeStyle. 

WTF are blemishes?

First, what do blemishes look like, anyway? Blemishes can show up as any of the following:

  • Blackheads are small, dark bumps resulting from excess sebum (oil) getting lodged in your pores.
  • Whiteheads are small, white bumps caused by clogged pores or hormones.
  • Zits show up as swollen, red bumps with pus inside and result from blocked or infected pores.
  • Nodular acne appears as hard, painful bumps under the skin thanks to bacteria trapped in your pores.
  • Cystic acne describes more severe acne in which sebum has become trapped within pores, producing infection and inflammation. 

What do all these skin blemishes have in common? Clogged pores and making us want to hide away like Anna in The Woman Across the Street from the Girl in the Window-style (sans all the murdering). 

The fix? Reduce pore congestion and keep skin happy so you can be the unstoppable female lead we know you are.💁

Now let’s figure out how to do it naturally.

4 Au-Naturel Home Remedies for Acne

So why opt for natural skincare at all

Like we always say, skincare isn’t one-size-fits-all. Those of us with sensitive AF skin don’t always play well with strong ingredients and harsh chemicals. Don’t get me wrong — they can be a godsend for some, but not all of us. 

When you have overly sensitive skin, you know that one wrong move could lead to a seemingly endless skin-purge, allergic reaction, eczema flare-up, or dreaded break-out. Plus, natural remedies are low-effort, sustainable, and more affordable because you probably already have everything you need! 

Unfortunately, there aren’t any home remedies for blemishes overnight (natural or otherwise), but that’s not to say you’ll have to wait forever to see results. 

So take notes and delete those photo filters. Here’s my go-to natural home remedies for blemishes and keeping skin happy and glowy AF.✨

1.  Keep your face so fresh and so clean, clean 

I know just how tempting it is to pop every pimple you encounter. Don’t we all do it? 😬

As much as we love it, though, our skin hates it. Popping zits and picking at your face is an open invitation for infections, more pimples, and acne scarring. Yikes!

Sure, washing your face (with a bomb cleanser🔥) is essential. But it’s just as crucial to leave the extractions to the pros to ensure your complexion stays squeaky clean and clog-free. 

So, begin and finish each day with a fresh face and fight the urge to pick at your skin. Your pores will thank you, sis!

2. Say aloe to my little friend

See what I did there? Jokes aside, when it comes to our fav home remedies for blemishes, aloe vera will always be near the top of our list. 

The plant (which is technically a succulent, btw) is loaded with antioxidants and antibacterial properties. Research shows that the jelly substance inside aloe’s leaves helps a plethora of conditions, especially with regards to skin. 

Here’s some of aloe’s most notable complexion benefits: 

Aloe vera: natural skin-fix and cute AF houseplant? Now that’s a win-win.💚

So how can I clear my skin blemishes with aloe? Cut open the leaves, let the plant’s gel ooze out, and apply it to clean skin daily! It’s that easy. 

3. Embrace skinimalism


Skinimalism is a minimalistic approach to skincare (and one of my favorite home remedies for blemishes). It’s all about stripping back your skincare routine and making space for the bare minimum — the essential products that help your skin most. 

But it isn’t just about less is more with respect to products.

Skinimalistic skincare also means fewer ingredients overall. Why’s that better? Some people, like us blemish-prone babes, are sensitive AF to certain ingredients and might not be able to tolerate them like everyone else. So fewer ingredients means less chances for irritation! 

I know, I know — the idea of tossing all your skincare and starting from scratch with just a select few can be a little scary. 😬 But it doesn’t have to be, sis! Think of it as getting your skincare back down to basics, doing away with the fluff and unnecessary ingredients, and focusing on your tried-and-true, holy grails. 

Not only can skinimalistic skin care help restore your complexion’s balance and natural glow, but it can save you some coin, too! Less products means more savings. 

We stan a skinimalistic, financially savvy queen. 💁‍♀️

4. Move your body!

A long, sweaty jog probably isn’t what comes to mind when you think of treatments for blemishes. The truth is that exercise isn’t just good for your overall health and physique — it’s also good for your skin.

Moving your body helps you keep blemish-triggers at bay by:

So bust out the cute activewear, tune into your fav #HotGirlWalk playlist, and get some steps in. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you with a post-workout glow you won’t want to hide. 

Just don’t forget to wash up afterwards! 

Natural Glow-Getters Unite! 

Lastly, be patient, boo. 

When it comes to how to remove blemishes fast, home remedies like these can deliver some pretty epic results. That said, anyone who tells you they know how to get rid of blemishes overnight is probably spitting some hardcore B.S. 

Happy, glowy skin takes time and commitment, not a miracle. These natural home remedies for blemishes don’t just feel good AF, but putting them to practice consistently over time will help clear your complexion and magnify the beauty that’s already there.

After all, the splendor of Mother Nature didn’t happen overnight, right?

In the meantime, enjoy the journey and embrace your skin along the way. And remember, you aren’t in this solo anymore. Your official skincare bestie, embody, is right here with you every step of the way! 🥰