How to Keep Eczema Under Control - The Ultimate Guide

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Eczema lowering your vibes lately? Same, bestie, same. I definitely know how frustrating it feels when eczema flare-ups take over your life. It’s an annoying itch that seems impossible to scratch, leaving a trail of dry flakes everywhere you go—and covering it with makeup? *scream* It only makes things worse. 

The wtf meter on life is already amped up too high with rising gas prices, housing costs, political tensions—need I say more? When dry, inflamed patches but their itchy heads, it throws everything out of equilibrium. Date night rescheduled? FaceTiming with your besties instead of girls’ night out? I would be frustrated, too. But there’s no reason why eczema has to get the best of you. Your skin is GORGEOUS, but let’s talk about how you can make it cozy af, too — sans the constant itching.  

Sure, certain creams and topical care offer short-term relief, but who needs another product on their bathroom counter? We’re hyped on tackling dry, itchy skin from the inside out. Having dealt with all sorts of skin probs—from acne to eczema to rosacea—we’ve learned how to soothe skin concerns from within. The results? Long-term relief, inside-out nourishment, and more of those #NoFilter selfies we love to see!

Ready to learn how to keep eczema under control and find some savory-sweet relief? I got you covered! 

What Does Eczema Look Like?

Eczema, medically called atopic dermatitis, shows up as red or brown, inflamed patches of skin. It can also be bumpy, scaly, or cracked and is usually itchy af. It tends to flare up on the face, neck, or hands but can appear pretty much anywhere on the body. But no matter where it pops up, you don’t have time for that, and I know it’s gotta be hella frustrating.

The not-so-good news? There isn’t a cure for eczema. The better news? Once you identify your eczema triggers, you can take steps to reduce your flare-ups and the severity of your symptoms. 

Ok, so what gives? What’s making your skin wig out?

What Causes Eczema Flare-Ups?

So what causes eczema exactly? Most experts say it’s a mix of genes and triggers. For us regular folk, figuring it out feels a lot like this:

But we do know some key factors. For one, people with eczema tend to have overactive immune systems (guilty) that create inflammation when triggered. This inflammation manifests as… you guessed it, eczema

One breakthrough found that people with eczema could have a gene mutation that produces filaggrin. Hold up — wtf is filaggrin? It’s a protein that helps your body maintain a healthy protective skin barrier, aka your skin’s first line of defense against all the ick flying around in the air. Without enough filaggrin to build a strong skin barrier, moisture escapes while bacterias creep in. So rude.

So let’s get to it. What triggers eczema? What triggers one person may not be a trigger for you, and vice versa. However, some of the most common eczema triggers are:

  • Dry skin — When skin gets overly dry, it can become brittle, scaly, or tight and lead to a flare-up. Feeling like a lizard on a desert rock baking in the sun? Chances are, dryness is causing your eczema.
  • Irritants — Beauty and skincare products loaded with fragrance, harsh cleansers, or chemicals, and even the clothes you wear could all play a part in triggering eczema symptoms. So kiss itchy wools and polyesters goodbye! Instead, clear some space for soft cotton and buttery silks!
  • Stress — Stress increases cortisol. Too much cortisol? Enter, inflammatory response (i.e., eczema). Time to catch some zen.
  • Allergens — From dust mites and dander to pollen and mold, inhaled allergens can trigger and worsen your eczema flares. 
  • Climate — Did that winter ski trip or Cancun vacay cause a flare-up? Some people notice flare-ups with extreme temperature changes.
  • Food — Some foods can trigger eczema, and it’s not always allergy-related.
  • Infection — An infection could make your eczema worse.
  • Hormones — Notice your symptoms worsen during your period or pregnancy? Thank you, next, hormones! 

All of these triggers are so not invited to the next Zoom party. Now that you understand what might be prompting your eczema, how do you stop it? 

How to Stop Eczema Itching Immediately & Get That ‘Ish Under Control

Remove potential triggers.

This might seem like a given, but it can take time to pinpoint your eczema triggers. The easiest way is to slowly remove potential triggers and see if that helps reduce symptoms. You can experiment with different detergents, clothing materials, cleaning products, and so on. 

Try switching to unscented and hypoallergenic products that are less likely to trigger flare-ups. The fewer toxins and bacteria flying around your skin, the better. But easier said than done, right? 

On your next Instacart order, scope out items with the least ingredients. Get outside for nature walks daily to reduce stress. Consider buying an air filter to squash the allergens in the air.

Make your skincare eczema-friendly.

Skincare isn’t one-size-fits-all because neither are you. Eczema-prone skin is uber-sensitive, so supporting your skin barrier on the reg is crucial. 

Here are some daily tweaks to your routine that may help minimize eczema flare-ups:

  • Wash your face daily to remove impurities and leave skin squeaky clean
  • Skip makeup for a week to let your skin breathe and flaunt your natural glow.
  • Avoid skincare irritants that trigger eczema flare-ups, like heavy fragrances, essential oils, harsh actives, and ethanol.
  • Learn how to exfoliate eczema gently to remove dry, dead skin cells. A DIY sugar scrub works wonders! Simply douse some sugar mixed with coco oil on a bath sponge and gently scrub flare-up areas.
  • Struggling with how to get rid of eczema scars? Emollient ointments work wonders and are quintessential lip balms.
  • Use a topical itch relief cream, and whatever you do, resist the urge to scratch. 

Ok, so what you put on your body can for sure trigger flare-ups, but what’s happening beneath your skin?

Control eczema flare-ups from the inside

Feeling wound up lately? Same. Stress spikes our cortisol production, triggering eczema flare-ups and making symptoms last longer. Consequently, this causes you more stress and repeats the vicious cycle. Queen Adele opened up about her eczema battle brought on postpartum — and she’s still a baddie, so don’t let your skin woes shake your confidence. 

Instead, try to relax, as hard as it is for us all as of late. Meditate. Do a yoga sesh on YouTube — hey, it’s free! Take a rumble between the sheets. Catch some feels, take deep breaths, and trust that everything will be okay—pinky promise.

After you’ve prioritized some R&R, soothe your skin from the inside with a itch-supporting supplement, like the S.O.S. Gummy. Ingredients like MSM support cell structure and repair while Primrose Oil locks in moisture and strengthens the frontline soldiers at your skin barrier — all of which are essential for managing eczema symptoms. Plus, they’re oh-so-yummy! Who knew skincare was tasty af? Da-yumm!

Find nighttime relief. 

If you’ve ever scratched your head and wondered, “why is eczema worse at night?” you’re in good company. Eczema symptoms are worse at night. Why? Because cortisol (that rude B) peaks in the middle of the night. Hello itch-fest. 

Here’s how to stop eczema itching at night:

  • Shower at night and moisturize before bed.
  • Lock in hydration by slipping on some socks or gloves after lathering up.
  • Opt for cotton sheets or light, breathable fabrics for your bedding.
  • Talk to your derm about wet wrap therapy (wet dressings that rehydrate and soothe eczema flare-ups)

Partner with embody to Relieve Itchy Skin from Within!

Over 31-million Americans know that the eczema struggle is real, so remember you aren’t in this solo. Instead of letting eczema take control, relieve those dry, itchy moments head-on with some well-deserved, soothing self-care. Your skin will thank you! Relief does exist, and as your cheerleaders, we’re here to make sure you find it. We’re with you every step of the way, babe.

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