Why is my Skin Itchy After Showering? 4 Tips for Relief

a person's hand itching their leg

You just took a delicious shower. You know the kind I’m talking about—not your everyday out-the-door wash, but a self-care shower where you take your sweet time, savoring the steam and suds. 

You step out of the shower so fresh and so clean, clean. But a thought surfaces after showering: “why is my skin itchy AF!?” That unexplainable post-shower itch is a surefire vibe-killer.. 😒 What gives? 

Bestie, you are so not alone! While it might seem like something we just have to grin and bear (like awkward, Zoom breakout rooms), there may be a logical explanation for this perplexing, itchy phenomenon. 

In this guide, we’ll tackle the dreaded question: why is my skin itchy after showering? We’ll give you the low-down on why post-shower itch is a thing. And don’t worry, we’ll set you up with some helpful tips to soothe your skin from the inside out! 

Less itch, more silky soft post-shower skin glow!

What causes body itching after showering, anyway?

I scrubbed. I exfoliated. I cleansed. So why is my skin itchy when I get out of the shower? Seems sus, right? 🤨

I know it can seem like a catch-22: Why do I get itchy after showers if I’m clean? Logic tells us it should be the opposite. But believe it or not, post-shower itch is pretty common! 

So, why is my skin itchy after showering anyway? Several factors are at play, but it all stems from your skin barrier—your skin’s frontline defense against environmental ick. Your skin barrier has two main jobs: 

  • keeping water in 
  • keeping irritants and germs out

Can you guess where your skin barrier’s strength begins? We’ll give you a hint…🚿 

Did you guess shower? You’re right!  Here are some reasons why itchy skin creeps in to kill your fresh-as-a-daisy post-shower mood:

  • Harsh soaps
  • Scalding hot water
  • Too-long showers
  • Scratchy towel/robe

  • Irritating laundry detergent
  • Forgetting to moisturize
  • Harsh scrubbing, scratching or rubbing

What can you do? Putting a little extra thought into your shower routine goes a long way to help soothe that pesky post-shower itch and keep the glorious post-shower glow flowin’. 

How to stop itching after showering and lock in the zen!

Enough wondering about “why my skin is itchy after showering”! If you’re like me, you’ve scoured YouTube and Reddit for answers to the question: How do I get rid of itchy skin? I’ve got you covered, babe!  

Remember the skin barrier I mentioned earlier? Think of it as your skin’s personal Wonder Woman  💪 fighting to keep your epidermis safe, healthy, and glowing. Next are some ways to keep her strong and reduce those post-shower scratchies.

1) Cut down your shower time

I know what you’re thinking: that’s cray! Trust, I live for long, steamy showers as much as any of my fellow millennials overpaying for their water bill *sigh*, but hear me out.

I know hot water feels like it melts away all our stress, but that’s not all it melts away.  What can cause extreme itching (without rash) after a nice, long, steamy shower? The longer your skin soaks in hot water, the more natural oils it strips from your skin. This can lead to irritation and overly-dry skin, which is incredibly uncomfortable for my fellow sensitive skin and eczema-prone babes

How do you address it? Try turning down the heat and taking a shorter shower. Turn down the heat while washing your hair or body to relieve your skin. It can help prevent itchy skin after showering and have a positive impact on other areas of your life, too! Some evidence suggests that cold showers could be good for your immune system. Plus, shorter showers help preserve H2O! 

We love an environmentally-friendly queen. 👑

2) Filter out the hard water

If you’re always wondering, “what makes me itch after showering?” even if your showers are short and cool, you might be cleansing your body with hard water. Wait, water can be hard? 🤔 Yes, but not in the way you think. You see, hard water refers to water with higher than normal mineral content. It can leave your shower scummy, make your laundry stiff, and be not-so-great for your skin. 

Can hard water cause itchy skin? Sure can. Its high mineral content makes it hard for soap to do what it’s meant to do: rid the skin of dirt, oils, and residue. This build-up prevents soap from binding to water, resulting in build-up, aka soap scum. The aftermath? Dry skin, blemishes, and irritation. Not to mention, all that build-up keeps your skin barrier from doing its job. 

You deserve better. The good news is you don’t have to rip out all your plumbing and find a new water source to tackle the issue. Instead, try replacing your traditional showerhead with a water-filtering one! They’re cheap, effective, and oddly satisfying to look at.

3) Incorporate gentle products for sensitive skin

Short, breezy shower? Check. No hard water? Check. I’ve done it all 😩 so why is my skin itchy after showering still

I would be frustrated, too. You’ve done your due diligence, and that post-shower itch continues to kill your vibe. What gives?

Breathe easy; hope is not lost. We tend to forget that the products we use on our skin can make or break our skin health. This goes for everything from fabrics to skincare products to detergents and household cleaners. You name it — your skin could love it or hate it. 

Make a conscious effort to opt for sensitive skin-friendly products, such as: 

  • Gentle, fragrance-free products
  • Hypoallergenic detergents and cleaners
  • Non-irritating clothing (natural cotton, silks, satins)

If you wonder, “why does my body itch after scrubbing?” then skip the abrasive loofahs and suds up with your hands. Not only is it more sanitary for your skin, but it’s more eco-friendly, too! 

4) Soothe skin from within

You’ve adapted your shower habits and swapped to gentler products but still need a little extra support as you figure out, “why is my skin itchy after showering?!” 

I’m with you! Don’t stress; I’ve got one more itch-soothing hack up my sleeve! It’s no secret that what happens on the outside of your body reflects what’s happening inside. 

Try addressing the itch below the skin's surface with a yummy, skin-supporting supplement like embody’s S.O.S. Gummy! This sweet, berry-flavored chewable supplement is tasty AF and helps to boost skin health from within. Ingredients like Vitamin D, zinc, and MSM help to soothe irritation, while pantothenic acid and evening primrose oil keep it hydrated and buttery soft. 

Ditch post-shower itch, and embrace post-shower bliss! 🥰

We’ve covered everything you need to take control of post-shower itchiness. No more wondering, “why is my skin itchy after showering?” Put these tips to practice, and you’ll spend more time reveling in that gorgeous after-shower glow! 

It’s time to meet your official, no B.S. skincare bestie: embody.