Your Go-To Staying in, Binge-Streaming, Glass of Rosé Easy Skincare Routine

Multigenerational women having fun using skin care products

Here’s the truth: a basic skincare routine is anything but basic. Seriously, have you searched “what is the simplest skincare routine?” on YouTube? One video with 2-3 steps comes up — ONE. Figuring out how to build a skincare routine that doesn’t involve an arsenal of products or break the bank is like solving a 5th-grade word problem ( many apples does Jill have? We may never know.) And 20-step skincare routines? Cue the anxiety. 😬

No shade to those ladies (seriously, I admire them), but as someone who just barely remembers to wash their face at night, I am so not that girl. But a little self-care makes every woman feel better; what can us lazy chicks do to bring a lil R&R to our skin? Without a low-maintenance skincare routine, it can be hard AF to find the motivation to pamper ourselves and build a no-fuss routine that doesn’t feel like yet another chore. 

So how can I glow up and feel like a goddess with minimal effort? Lazy babes, you know I got you. Contrary to popular belief, your nighttime skincare routine thrives on low effort. Indulging in a bit of me-time doesn’t have to involve a confusing array of products and a time-consuming process. 

So pour yourself a glass of rosé, melt into your fave cozy corner of the couch, and tune into your latest Netflix binge-obsession — another true crime fraudster series? Sign. Me. Up. 

Here’s an easy-peasy, lazy AF, low-maintenance skincare routine that’ll leave you sparkling like a Cullen without all the drama and sulking.✨

1. Set the mood

First thing’s first! Ease in by setting the vibes. No self-care night-in is complete without the right #mood, am I right? So before diving into your skinimalism routine, set the scene and create a relaxing space. 

Put away the distracting clutter. Close your emails and forget about work. Silence your phone. Dim those lights. Light your favorite scented candle or pop on an essential oil diffuser — I love a blend of lavender and sweet orange. Grab a soft throw blanket and a few yummy snacks. Trader Joe’s dark chocolate-covered almonds? Tasty AF.

While your rosé chills in the fridge, turn up a mellow playlist and head to the bathroom. 

Vibes on point? Check!

2. Wash away the day

After you’ve created the perfect vibe, it’s time to shift your focus to pampering that beautiful complexion. 

The first rule in Skincare 101 for Beginners: always wash your makeup off. Forgetting to do so can clog your pores and cause major stress on your skin. Don’t worry, we’re guilty of it, too! 🤭 If you’re as forgetful as we are, keep a stash of make-up remover wipes by your bed, and you’ll never fall asleep with makeup on again. If your skin is particularly sensitive, opt for a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser to remove any grime. Better yet? Cleanse the day away in a hot bubble bath.

Got some eucalyptus or lavender oil tucked away in a drawer? Sprinkle a few drops into your bath to breathe in the aromatherapy and effortlessly set a relaxing mood. When you’re all done, toss that towel in the hamper and slip into your comfiest loungewear.

On to hydration! 💦

3. Lock in the moisture.

Now that you’re squeaky clean, let’s chat about moisture. I know it’s hella tempting to jump out of the shower straight into your PJs and make a beeline for bed or the couch. The reality is that your skin gets super thirsty at night — way more than during the day. Keeping it moisturized helps it stay hydrated and refreshed! 

So the next (and maybe final) step in your low-maintenance skincare routine is to quench your skin’s thirst. While it’s still damp, slather on your fave hydrating face cream or facial oil. For an added bonus, give yourself a mini facial massage to get the blood flowing and relax those facial muscles.

I loveee this easy massage from skin care bestie Tina Engeo. 

Massage the lotion onto your whole body and let your skin soak up all the nourishing hydration it craves.

Last step? Oh, you know it’s a tasty one!

4. Support your skin from within.

Yes, many influencers have about 20 or so night skincare routine steps, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. Not only can it get pricey fast, but layering the wrong ingredients can wreak havoc on your skin. No one wants that. Unless you’re a chemist or professional derm, you’d have to spend so much time experimenting and testing products to see how they work for your skin. Who has the time? Not us, bestie.

Instead, bypass the endless product layering and support your skin from within! After moisturizing, take a yummy, skin-boosting supplement like these Retinol gummies from embody. Each tasty bite packs a healthy punch of Vitamin A that helps to soothe all kinds of skin woes:

  • promotes healthy aging
  • helps with collagen production
  • helps exfoliate the top layer of skin
  • increases cell turnover (converts old cells to new ones)

Yummy, nourishing vitamin + healthy, glowing skin? Now that’s a part of my low-maintenance skincare routine I look forward to most! 😝

All done! Wait—one more crucial step. Grab that rosé out of the fridge and sashay on over to the couch.

5. Sip, sip, hooray!

So, now that you know what the simplest skincare routine is, you can look forward to pampering yourself every night. Not only will it take you no time and minimal effort, but it just feels so d*** good. No compromising quality over quantity here, boo. This quick, lazy AF, low-maintenance skincare routine will have you wakin’ up as flawless as Queen B, just like your fave beauty guru’s complex, 2-hour, ten-step routine. 

So go ahead and settle in for the night. Reward yourself with a generous pour of bubbly, you’ve worked so hard, and you deserve this. Cuddle up with your fur baby, and let the Bridgerton binge commence. When you start getting that itch to scroll your feed mid-episode (girl, we all do it), make sure to follow your skincare besties on Insta and learn more about how we’re making skincare delicious at embody

In the words of the undeniably gorgeous and notoriously chill Hailey Bieber, “the less you do to your skin, the better.” If lazy AF skincare is the driving force behind her glowing skin, us lazy babes are totally on to something! 😉