What’s the Best Skincare Routine Without Products? 5 Ways to Kickstart No-Skincare Skincare

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Ever accidentally skip your skincare only to wake up to a glowier-than-ever complexion? As it turns out, there might be some science to back up the pleasant phenomenon of a no skincare routine.

That’s right — some experts swear that the best skincare routine is without products altogether. In a world of endless products and gadgets, how is this possible?

If confusing, multistep regimens have you tapped out, going au natural may be the better alternative. Keep reading as we share what no-skincare routine looks like, and how to make the best out of skincare routines without products.

Can you really get good skin without products?

A basic skincare routine, like the ones we talk about when we discuss skinimalism, can be excellent for your skin. But skincare sans products? They can be just as effective (if not more) for some people

That said, breaking up with your skincare products altogether and opting for a more natural approach can only work if you go about it strategically. That’s because a different kind of science and psychology goes into this lazy-babe skincare philosophy. 

As counter-intuitive as it may seem, try to keep an open mind as we walk you through all the deets.

What is the best skincare routine without products?

To reap the benefits of a zero-skincare routine involves shaking up the norm a bit. We’re talking about going beyond your skin and incorporating habits and lifestyle changes that help your skin thrive. 

So, you might wonder: how can I glow naturally without skincare products? 

A good place to start is to think of what a good basic skin-care routine is and go from there. For instance, most experts agree that the backbone of any skincare routine consists of your cleanser, a moisturizer, and SPF for the daytime. If you want to ditch the products and go natural — you’ll have to compensate for these fundamental steps in other ways. 

Whether you’re looking to give your complexion a mini-hiatus from skincare or hoping to transition to a more natural approach indefinitely, we’ve got you covered with four easy ways to kickstart your no-skincare skincare journey! 

Let’s dive straight in!

1. Prioritize your mental health

Does mental health ever come to mind when you’re wondering how you get glowing skin without using any products? Fact is, our mind and body are intimately connected.

Mental wellness plays a pivotal role in our physical health. 

Everyone experiences stress and anxiety that quickly shifts our thoughts into a negative flow. It takes some practice to redirect your thoughts, but it’s worth the effort. 

A few easy, no-fuss ways to keep your mental vibes in check are:

  • Embrace the zen with daily meditation.🧘‍♀️ Take a few minutes every day to practice gratitude, clear your mind, find your center, and tap into namasté with your fur-baby alongside you.

  • Practice affirmations. Don’t just swoon internally over your naturally-glowy complexion in the mornings — practice positive self-talk. Or do like me and hype yourself up by singing along to Baby Tate's "I Am." 

  • Block out time to do something you love. Break away from hustle mode and carve out a little me-time every day to nurture your mental wellness.

  • Listen to vibe-boosting content. There are podcasts for everything nowadays. Sub out your true-crime go-to for a podcast that makes you feel empowered whenever you listen to it (like Mindset Magic & Manifestation by Mikayla Jai).

  • Next, how can I get clear skin naturally? Remember the cardinal rule…

    2. Clean skin is happy skin

    So how can I keep my face clean without products

    Even the best skincare routine without products calls for a clean face. While I’m a pretty firm believer that nothing beats a dual-action face wash (like embody’s One & Done Oil Cleanser), I can understand wanting to dive all the way into no-skincare territory and nixing a cleansing product. 

    First, is it OK to wash my face with only water? Yes, but depending on how much makeup you use and how much grime (oils, debris, etc.) your face encounters — sometimes, water simply isn’t enough to cut through the impurities and truly clean your skin. 

    If you’re committed to not using skincare products, you do have some natural alternatives that could help:

    • Use a gentle soap to avoid worsening skin concerns or triggering flare-ups.
    • Remove makeup with organic, fractionated coconut oil.
    • Try milk (Cleopatra swore this was one of her biggest beauty secrets.)
    • Always use cold water to prevent over-stripping your skin.

    No-fuss cleansing? Check! Next, how can I moisturize my skin without products?

    3. Don’t skimp on moisture.

    Whenever you wash your face, you’re shaking up your skin barrier. If you leave it as is, there’s a chance your skin will become overly dry, leaving the door open for some potentially vibe-killing skin concerns. 

    Like what? Dry skin could lead to premature aging, hyperpigmentation, texture, and even eczema. That means putting some moisture back into your complexion after cleansing is a must

    So when it comes to natural alternatives, what do dermatologists recommend for extremely dry skin? 

    What about going beyond even these au naturel products? No surprises here, but what you eat massively influences your complexion.

    4. Hack healthy skin with the right nutrition.

    To get the best out of a skincare routine without products, you need to incorporate the right nutrition. 

    Some foods, delicious as they may be, dim our complexion’s glow. While we aren’t suggesting you forego them altogether, practicing moderation may help keep skin at its peak. 

    Leveling up our nutrient absorption with foods that our skin loves can also boost our complexion without ever needing more skincare products! 

    So which foods are best for skin? To name a few:

    • Fruits and veggies
    • Chia seeds
    • Ginger
    • Oatmeal
    • Cinnamon
    • Turmeric
    • Miso
    • Egg whites

    As for what drinks make your skin glow, nothing beats good old-fashioned h2o

    Another pro-tip in how to increase nutrient absorption that doesn’t involve eating foods you don’t like? Ingestible skincare, baby. The Retinol Gummies from embody taste like candy fruit chews and let your complexion reap the benefits of retinol without the typical irritation that comes along with it. 

    #YouthfulSkinDiet? Delicious! 

    Send excessive skincare to the left, to the left with embody!  

    A no-skincare routine doesn’t necessarily mean adopting a set-it-and-forget-it mentality. Instead, small, healthy habits pave the way for making the best out of a skincare routine without products.

    Some other tips you can put into practice are:

    • Always wash your hands before touching your face.
    • Prioritize that beauty sleep, girl!
    • Swap your cotton pillowcase for a silky one.
    • Don’t forget to shield your skin from sun damage.
    • Wash your makeup brushes and facial tools regularly. 
    • Or better yet, try going make-up free. 
    • Embrace the skin you’re in at every phase!

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