Skincare routine for your zodiac ✨


♈️ Aries

Aries beauties although warm and passionate can be a bit impatient at times. A quick and easy skincare routine with only the essentials is all Aries gals need. Cleanser, serum, eye cream and moisturizer. Four easy-to-understand steps to get fresh.

Aries baes: Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson



Taurus gals are strong and reliable. Their go to self-care routine always has a deep conditioning mask in it. Always making sure to deeply nourish and hydrate their strong skin.

Taurus baes: Audrey Hepburn, Adele, Amber Heard.



Gemini gals have sparkling personalities and sparkling skin. Their skincare routine is never the same and unpredictable. You can find a wide range of unique and simple products on their beauty counter. Some days they like their two step routines and other days they'll be in the mood to do an all out 20-step skin routine. 

Gemeni baes: Heidi Klum.



Cancer gals are loving and faithful. You can always count on their skin care routines to have repeats. Once they find something they LOVE to use, they'll keep it with them forever.

Cancer baes: Selma Blair, Aubrey Plaza.



Leo babes have big hearts and a smile that can't be beat. You can count on their routines to always include a deep conditioning lip mask. 

Leo baes: Jennifer Lawrence



Virgo beauties are caring and modest. You can count on them to finish entire bottles of their favorite skin care goods. Consistent with their skincare, they're always glowing.

Virgo baes: Blake Lively, Stella McCartney



Loyal and committed, all Libra's have thoroughly thought out and researched skin care routines. Each step balancing out the next. You can count on Libra's to always include retinol and hyaluronic acid in their routines. 

Libra baes: Kim Kardashian



Scorpio girls are strong and playful. They're always trying out new and trending skin care products and ingredients. Like retinol, hyaluronic acid, and collagen. Deep conditioning to skin piercing. They've tried it all! 

Scorpio girl: Chloë Sevigny.



Sagittarius gals are all about having fun and sharing a good laugh. Their skin care routines are all about having fun too. They prefer products that allow them to multi-task or share with friends. Peel off masks and sheet masks are there GO TO. 

Sagittarius baes: Rita Ora, Christina Aguilera, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears.



Incredibly responsible and reliable, Capricorn skin care routines have exactly what you need in a routine. Without fail, it's reliable and undeniably put together to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.  Lost on where to start? Check out what your Capricorn friends are doing.

Capricorn baes: Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, Naya Rivera.



Aquarius babes have an unpredictable and exciting nature. These gals are all about their TEXTURE. You'll always find cooling gels, sticky masks and super, buttery smooth moisturizers in their skincare routines. 

Aquarius baes: Alicia Keys, Chloë Grace Moretz, Yoko Ono.



Pisces gentle, compassionate and floaty nature always has them seeking out the loveliest scents. Every scent brings a different joy. Each skincare product in their routine is meant to elicit a happy feeling. Sweet and tangy to citrus fresh, Pisces faces are not only glowing, they smell good too.

Pisces girls: Olivia Palermo, Rachel Weiss, Drew Barrymore.