Can food impact your vee?

Listen. Vaginas are funky. And sometimes they can be truly funky. When your vee’s out of whack, it can be embarrassing and super frustrating. You take such good care of her and yet one misstep with a fragranced body wash and BOOM–you have a UTI. 

We’ve all been there. Trust me. 

Would you believe that the food you eat has a direct impact on your cooch? From combating infections to reducing PMS symptoms, food makes all the difference for your delicate lady parts. Read on to learn which snack will bring you back to feeling like a snack!

When you’re itchy...down there

Lordy, the itch. I don’t know many more things more uncomfortable than vaginal itch. Luckily, you’re not alone. The CDC reports that BV (bacterial vaginosis) is the most common vaginal condition in women 15-44. 

BV occurs when there is too much of a certain bacteria in the vagina. This is often caused by a pH upset. Usually your vee lives in the acidic pH range, somewhere between 3.5-4.5 on the scale. When the pH is thrown off it creates a breeding ground for “bad” bacteria that leads to itch and odor.

Enter plain old yogurt. Full of wonderful live bacterial cultures, yogurt’s probiotic properties help balance the bacteria levels in your vag and reduce the risk of yeast infections. Snack on 1 cup of whole fat plain Greek yogurt to cash in on all that probiotic goodness. Look for strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus in your yogurt!

When you’re burning...down there

UTI’s are absolutely no fun. If you’re like me, you’ve suffered through enough of them to know which home remedies work and when it's time to head to your GP. And if your mom told you to drink cranberry juice, guess what? She was 100% correct. 

Cranberry juice contains a plant component called proanthocyanidins which makes your bladder more slippery. E. coli bacteria just can’t hang on, and you are more likely to flush the bacteria out of your system with your next flush. 

Remember to stick to concentrated cranberry juice. Those sugary cranberry juices can actually make your UTI worse!

When you’re dry...down there

Vaginal dryness is a common symptom of menopause and can be a side effect of some medications. It can make sex uncomfortable or even painful! 

Your best friends for a dehydrated cooter are fatty acids like Omega-3 and sea buckthorn oil. Another great addition for moisturization are leafy greens which contain dietary nitrates in addition to a slew of other amazing nutrients to keep your kitty purring.

When you’re anything...down there

Hello, water. Fancy meeting you here.

Something seems off with your vee? Start by drinking plenty of water! So many issues in our body come down to dehydration. Itchy vulva? Drink some water. Dry vagina? Drink some water. PMS symptoms? Drink some water.

You should be drinking about 2L of water every single day to keep your body in tip top shape. I know that’s hard, and you’ll be peeing constantly. But your vag with thank you!