Hydrated Skin Bundle

Hydrated Skin Bundle

Next stop, hydration station! 💦 S.O.S. and Retinol partner together to nourish your skin barrier from within so you can retain moisture for smoother, more comfortable skin all year round.
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  • Tasty AF
  • No BS
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  • USA Made
How to use

Take 2 tasty gummies a day, once a day or as directed by your doc. Chew thoroughly and swallow. Use alongside topical moisturizers for best results.

Take only as directed. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Talk to your doctor before use if you have a medical condition, are pregnant, or nursing. 

*Statements made about dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Eat your skincare

Gone are the days of layering serums and essences and creams one on top of the other. Welcome to 2023, where we eat our skincare!

Sounds crazy, but it's really quite simple. Whereas topical products can only address topical issues, edible skincare takes things deeper. Like to the cellular level kind of deep.

Formulated with science-backed vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts, our gummies go beyond topical applications to address skincare concerns at the source. When you nourish your body, your skin will thank you.

Get ready for the fastest, easiest, and definitely tastiest skincare routine of your life.

Your questions answered

With proper use, vitamin A supplements are entirely safe. The FDA has identified the tolerable upper limit for daily intake of vitamin A as 3,000 mcg RAE. The Retinol Gummy contains 960 mcg RAE per serving. For reference, one egg contains 75 mcg RAE. Beta-carotene from plant sources (think carrots, spinach, and broccoli) does not contribute to the tolerable upper limit.

Topically applied retinol is only able to address topical skincare concerns because it only penetrates through the first couple layers of skin. By ingesting retinol you nourish not only your skin but your eyes, organs, and immune system. 

Yes! The Retinol Gummy is ideal for people with sensitive skin who haven’t been able to successfully use a topical retinol. By ingesting retinol you distribute its effects over a much greater surface area so it is gentler and more subtle than a high-potency topical product. In a clinical trial, 100% of participants reported no sensitivity or irritation when using this product.

Everyone is different but most users report results within 2 months. Check out our clinical trial for more details!

All of our embody gummies are designed to work together in perfect harmony. If using the Retinol Gummy, we recommend avoiding other supplements that contain Vitamin A to prevent over-consumption.

We recommend edible skincare for folks over the age of 18. We always recommend checking with your primary care physician before starting any new dietary supplement, particularly if you have a medical condition, are pregnant, or breastfeeding.

Make sure to check with your primary care physician if you are currently taking medication or have a medical condition! The Retinol Gummy should not be used alongside prescription oral retinoids.

As awesome as our gummies are, there's a few things they just can't do. In addition to your edible skincare routine, use a gentle facial cleanser to remove makeup and excess oil and always apply a broad spectrum SPF during the day.

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