Retinol Gummy FAQ

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This is an important question and we’re glad you’re asking it!

With proper use, vitamin A supplements are entirely safe. The FDA has identified the tolerable upper limit for daily intake of vitamin A as 3,000 mcg RAE. The Retinol Gummy contains 960 mcg RAE per serving. For reference, one egg contains 75 mcg RAE. Beta-carotene from plant sources (think carrots, spinach, and broccoli) does not contribute to the tolerable upper limit.

Most cases of vitamin A toxicity come from megadoses found in dietary supplements. For us on the embody team, your safety is our number one priority. That’s why we never include megadoses of fat soluble vitamins in our supplements. With the Retinol Gummy you’ll receive a little more than your recommended daily dose while staying comfortably under the UL to allow for dietary intake.

Topically applied retinol is only able to address topical skincare concerns because it only penetrates through the first couple layers of skin. By ingesting retinol you nourish not only your skin but your eyes, organs, and immune system. 

Check out our blog post for more information: Topical Retinol vs Retinol Gummy

What benefits should I expect?

When taken consistently alongside a healthy diet, you can expect the following results:

-More hydrated, less dry skin

-More even skin tone

-Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

-Fewer blemishes


Everyone’s a bit different but most customers see results in less than 1 month. Your diet and lifestyle play a huge role in skin health and will impact the amount of time needed to benefit from the Retinol Gummy. We always recommend giving your body about 90 days to adjust to any change in your skincare routine whether it's the Retinol Gummy or a new serum!

Yes! Good skin knows no gender. Many SO’s on our team love using the Retinol Gummy in place of a topical routine.

No, the Retinol Gummy is not suitable for children under age 15. Kids need less nutrients than adults so best to stick to products specially formulated for their dietary needs.

Yes! The Retinol Gummy is ideal for people with sensitive skin who haven’t been able to successfully use a topical retinol. By ingesting retinol you distribute its effects over a much greater surface area so it is gentler and more subtle than a high-potency topical product. In a clinical trial, 100% of participants reported no sensitivity or irritation when using this product.

In early 2021 we ran a clinical study on our Retinol Gummy. We took 31 people aged 18-45 and gave them Retinol Gummies for 8 weeks. All but 1 had never used a topical retinol before. After 8 weeks, 83.33% of participants agreed that their skin looked brighter, there was a visible improvement and evenness of overall skin tone, their skin felt more hydrated and less dry, and their skin looked overall healthier. 

You can read the full trial report here: Embody Retinol Gummy Clinical Trial