5 Amazing Black-Owned Beauty Brands

In celebration of Black History Month the team at Embody wanted to take the time to give a big shout out to a couple of our favorite black-owned beauty brands.

If you find any of these brands interesting, we highly recommend that you go and support them by grabbing some of their products!

Honey Pot

“Feminine care products supporting a great cause.”

honey pot feminine care

Honey Pot is a line of feminine hygiene products that cleans, protects and balances the PH levels of your lady parts. Every time you buy from them, a portion of their sales goes to menstrual care for the less fortunate who are homeless or struggling in poverty.

The founder Bea Dixon created the brand out of necessity as she was suffering from bacterial vaginosis. Overall an amazing product with an even more noble mission! If you’re looking for the best feminine care products, look no further!


“Cosmetics made for darker skin tones, because nobody’s complexion deserves to be a second priority.”

mented cosmetics

Perhaps a bigger problem that the makeup industry hasn’t really addressed before now is that a majority of products are made for lighter complexions. This idea alienates black women or anyone with a darker skin tone, leaving their cosmetic needs to be an afterthought.

Mented wants to change that, whether your skin is light, medium or dark they believe every woman deserves to have products with them in mind that fit their complexion. 

Along with the fact that their makeup is vegan, cruelty-free and has no parabens is also a nod to the founders’ ethical principles. Use their shade finder to find makeup that matches darker skin.

Black Girl Sunscreen 

“A sunscreen catered to melanin women” 

black girl sunscreen

There seems to be a lot of misinformation about sun damage and the chemicals in our bodies. If you go check out articles on the web about UV damage to the skin, you’ll notice how many talk about reducing melanin is a good thing.

That simply isn’t true. If you have darker skin, you shouldn’t have to give in to using a sunscreen that reduces melanin just to protect your skin from UV damage.

Enter Black Girl Sunscreen, the sunscreen that protects your skin without reducing your melanin. UV damage affects all of us and the founder thought it was about time that there was a product for melanin women. 

If you’re looking to grab a bottle, they are now found in Target (congrats ladies!!!) but you can always go online to their site to grab a bottle of sunscreen for black women.


“Superfood self-care to level up your healthcare routine”

Golde superfoods

Not only does Golde have a variety delicious superfood latte mixes like turmeric, matcha, cacao and different mixtures of all 3, they have other supplement formulas to help with skin hydration, reducing stress and bloating. 

Made with vegan ingredients, Golde’s products are meant to easily integrate into your lifestyle: simply mix it in with your coffees or water and reap the superfood benefits! If you want to easily add superfoods to your diet, check out Golde!

Oui the People

“Shave and body care for the imperfect”

Oui the People Shave

We absolutely LOVE how empowering the message Oui the People is talking about in regards to the stigma of the beauty industry. As the founder Karen mentions, as a whole beauty brands focus too much on playing to women’s insecurities.

The words “perfect,” “anti-age,” and “flawless” are too often found in our industry’s language about beauty. Oui the People wants to take a stand and say that it's okay to be imperfect–that you’re beautiful just the way you are.

It’s a message that we think a lot of beauty brands should really consider, as social media already puts enough pressure on us ladies on what we should and shouldn’t look like. It’s a really liberating thought. 

If you want to shop their pre-order specials, get after it while you can. They are super hot and are limited in quantity. Pre-orders being the Sugarcoat Shave gel and their Featherweight Body Gloss for moisturizing the skin.


At Embody, we know that there is a wide range of amazing companies out there doing some truly special things. We want to highlight the superstar Black female founders in our community. If there is something that you saw here that you like, go support these companies asap!