Skincare Tips for Deep Skin Tones

Continuing to show some love during Black History Month, we did some research and have compiled some of the best tips to make melanin-rich skin look it’s very best.

It turns out that there are a few things to consider when taking care of darker skin that are unique, so listen up!

You still need to use sunscreen

use sunscreen even if you have dark skin

People with darker complexions don’t burn as easily, we all know that. Where people mess up though is that they think that the melanin will protect them. While that may be true for actual burns, melanin does not protect your skin from aging due to UV radiation.

On the other hand, many sunblocks give your skin an unnaturally white looking hue. 

To avoid this and still get protection from UV damage, we recommend using a sunscreen that has avobenzone or clear zinc in it, not to be confused with oxybenzone which is known to disrupt the hormones in your body.

Treat Skin Irritation Swiftly

it's important to treat skin irritation if you have dark skin

It’s really important to treat irritated skin as early as possible as darker skin tones are more likely to suffer from scarring and hyperpigmentation caused by skin irritation. 

If you don’t want to deal with more serious skin conditions, it’s best to treat skin irritation as soon as possible and address things like eczema flare ups with a sense of urgency to prevent further damage.

Be careful with how you handle hyperpigmentation

retinol for hyperpigmentation

Sunscreen as mentioned will help prevent further aging and dark spots on the skin, but it doesn’t help reverse hyperpigmentation if you are already suffering from it. 

While many people will turn to products that have hydroquinone to help brighten dark spots, people with darker complexions need to be careful. 

A skin condition called ochronosis which is caused by a bad reaction to hydroquinone can happen to anyone regardless of skin tone, but it typically is more common in people with more melanin in their skin.

A good alternative to the hydroquinone is our Retinol Gummies! You spare yourself the risk of getting an even more serious skin issue, but our gummies make skincare fun. It’s like a treat you look forward to every day. 

Keep Skin Moisture in check

Darker skin typically tends to be a bit drier, this is especially the case if you’re living in a colder climate where the weather will literally strip tons of moisture from your skin.

Experts recommend finding a moisturizer that has humectants in it to help retain proper levels of moisture to prevent premature aging. 

Along with moisturizers, there are some lifestyle things to make sure you do to prevent skin from getting dry like avoiding long, hot showers, drinking more water, and staying away from foods that dehydrate you.


Although there are a few instances like darker skin being more prone to hyperpigmentation and scarring from skin irritation, along with the increased likelihood of dealing with dry skin, a lot of the same advice applies to anyone: Eat the right things, use sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun, be mindful of how you treat things like hyperpigmentation, and be sure to moisturize.