Lazy Girl Skincare: How to Simplify Your Skincare Routine in 3 Easy Steps

Woman Looking In Mirror Touching Face And Perfect Skin In Bathroom

My toxic trait before I discovered skin minimalism? Rotating skincare products like I rotated my nail polish. I blame my ADD, cute packaging, and favorite influencers.

And the truth is that aside from my bathroom counter being hella overcrowded with half-used products (some of which are probably expired 🥴), the multistep routines and constant product switch-ups took a toll on my skin… and bank account… and dedicated spooky movie binge-fest.

Can you relate? Then, like me a few months ago, it might be time to learn how to simplify your skincare routine.

If saving time, money, and precious countertop real estate sounds like a welcome change, stick around, my fellow lazy girl, frugal queens. 

Today, I’m breaking down how to simplify your skincare routine and kiss those pricey, time-consuming, multistep regimens adios!

Why do lazy skincare routines work?

In theory, pummeling our complexions with a cocktail of cleansers, toners, serums, masks, and treatments sounds like a good way to achieve perfect skin. But one of the biggest trends in skincare says to leave the mixology to the bartenders and off our complexions. 

This minimalistic approach to skincare (dubbed “skinimalism”) isn’t just a lazy, time-saving trend. As it turns out, many experts agree that using tons of products and hard-to-pronounce ingredients can further exacerbate our skin concerns. Yikes!

In other words, complicated regimens, mainly when they include the wrong products, can actually damage our complexions and disrupt our pH balance. This leaves the door wide open for a host of ailments, including redness, dryness, and acne. ::cue the Psycho theme song::

The fix? A simplified routine with more focus on using the most beneficial products and ingredients could be the answer to achieving our ideal skin.

So what’s skinimalism about?

It’s easy to hear “minimalist skincare” and assume it’s all about using fewer products. But that’s only partially true. Sure, it’s a less-is-more approach to skincare, but that goes far beyond just using less products.

Skinimalism focuses on using less ingredients — cleaner ingredients (like the ones you can recognize and pronounce on a label). 

But which ones don’t make the cut? In terms of how to simplify your skincare routine, you’ll want to steer clear of ingredients considered:

  • Irritants and allergens (like artificial fragrances)
  • Potential endocrine disruptors (like boric acid)
  • Potential carcinogens (like formaldehydes)

These types of ingredients are typically avoided in clean skincare and cosmetics because they’re known to trigger eczema, itchy skin, and more serious health issues (like hormonal abnormalities or cancer formation).

In addition to cleaner formulations, simplified skincare thrives on double-duty products. This makes it way easier to pare down your routine while still giving your complexion everything it needs.

Perks of Simplified Skincare

So why is a lazy skincare routine the answer to our lazy-babe dreams?

Let me count the ways…

  • Skinimalism focuses on quality over quantity.
  • Less time on skincare means more time with Billy Loomis. 😍
  • It teaches us to embrace our natural skin instead of constantly trying to correct it.
  • It reduces the chance of irritation or adverse reactions.
  • Clean beauty = green beauty. #SavingYourSkinAndThePlanet
  • Minimalist skincare saves us some coin, girl, and that’s a major plus in this economy? 🙌🏼

Sheesh — What’s not to love?

On that note, it’s time to give our skincare routine the lazy-babe-approved makeover we’re all here for. 

Mastering a low-maintenance skincare routine

The most important thing to remember when it comes to lazy, minimalist skincare is that less effort doesn’t mean fewer results.  

That’s right — if you think you’re about to start sacrificing the TLC your skin deserves to save a little time and money, babe, think again. 😏 

On the contrary, your lazy girl skincare routine is all about optimizing the products you use and ditching the plus-ones that only work against you. 

So without further ado, here’s how to simplify your skincare routine in 3 easy steps!

1) Identify your skin goals.

First, establish exactly what you’re trying to accomplish with your skincare. 

That means it’s time to zero in on your skin concerns. 

Are you interested in how to improve skin texture? Do you want to focus on youthful skin products? Or maybe you want to master how to get rid of blemishes?

By getting clear on what it is you want to achieve with your skincare routine, finding the right products to keep or delete in your regimen will be a breeze. 

2) Prioritize the non-negotiables.

The main thing to remember when you’re figuring out how to simplify your skincare routine is to focus on the non-negotiables. 

A standard 3-step skincare routine does just that:

  • Cleanse twice daily with a skinimalist-friendly cleanser, like embody’s One & Done Oil Cleanser (a hybrid cleanser that’s so nice, it cleanses twice).
  • After cleansing, put some moisture back into dry skin so it stays happy, hydrated, and healthy!
  • In the daytime, don’t forget to shield your skin with your favorite SPF. 

  • Think of this as the core of your skincare routine and build from there. Remember to opt for hybrid products with clean ingredients that target your skin’s needs.

    3) Two words: ingestible skincare.

    Part of lazy babe skincare means subbing out topicals for inside-out nourishment. That means drinking enough water, eating foods that fortify your complexion, and experimenting with skin-boosting supplements. 

    Hello, #YouthfulSkinDiet!

    My trojan horse for supporting skin from within? Embody’s Retinol Gummies — not only do these yummy AF gummies clear up more counter space on my vanity, but one tasty bite helps boost cell turnover, prevent breakouts, and up my glow factor. 

    I don’t think it can get any more low-effort than that!

    Bonus: Once in a while, be extra.

    Now that you know what the simplest skincare routine is, you can leave it at that or add on from there. Every now and then, give yourself freedom to indulge in a little extra self-care. Besides, you totes deserve a little me-time. 

    So keep a stash of sheet masks and facial massagers for when your vibes are running low and you need a little staying-in, binge-streaming, glass-of-rosé pick-me-up. Better yet, book a facial and back rub at a pretty spa. 

    Embracing lazy babe skincare doesn’t mean you can’t spoil yourself every now and then. 

    Besides, it’s your skin, your rules

    Simplify your skincare with embody.

    The final tip for how to simplify your skincare routine

    Resist the urge to try every adorably-packaged skincare product you make heart-eyes at. Stick to a simplified routine that works for your skin. Because you deserve to glow without all the go-go-go. 

    When it comes to lazy girl skincare, we’re all treats — no tricks! For more lazy girl self-care, shop embody today!